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Seoul, Korea

* Sr. Jo Kyu-hee (Elizabeth) from Seoul Province won the silver prize award in the crafts section during the 40th International Contemporary Art Exhibition.
The theme of her entry is ‘Saving the Earth,’ wherein she made use of recycling materials for her art design, ‘Saving the Earth.’ In her presentation, she utilized the ball used by gymnasts to symbolize the healing process that the earth has to undergo.  Sr.Elizabeth is a social worker who has become a recycling artist.  Read more.


* Our Lady of Chartres Convent (OLCC) Makes Factory Line Assembly of Face Shields

A humanitarian group asked the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to make 1000 face shields.  They provided all the materials for their request.  The first beneficiary was the Philippine General Hospital, a  tertiary state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines in Manila.  Our Lady of Chartres Convent (OLCC), Provincialate providing their own materials, donated face shields to Clinica Antipolo and St. Paul Hospital in Cavite also. 
          See photos...

*  Rome, Generalate

Please read Mother General's letter from International Union of Superior Generals (UISG) with its urgent appeal for SOLIDARITY during this time of crisis.   Continue to read...  
UISG Communique   UISG Poem     
March 22: Day of Worldwide Solidarity and Prayer Video


* Rome, Generalate

Sr. Marie Thi Minh Uyen NGUYEN
from Saigon Province (Vietnam) successfully defended her Masteral Thesis in Biblical Theology on her course,  "The Paradox of the Cross in Pauline Letter" in Angelicum University.  See photos...


*  This very short video of Sr Jeanne Cattin from the Peru-Colombia district
shows us a simple exercise in the left hand for at least 10 stimulations per day. This simple exercise or reflexology stimulates the spleen and prevents the body from absorbing germs, infections or any virus.  See the video ...


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

On September 16, 2015, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, in Muhaisnah, Dubai was inaugurated.  A Catholic school dedicated to the formation of the whole person - education in faith, academic excellence in a caring environment, and community service in charity.  This is the first school on the frontier run by our sisters of the Philippine Province.

     On January 28, 2020, a second school, another branch of St. Mary's High School was opened at Ras Al Khaimah (one of the seven emirates of the UAE).     Read more and  see photos and video


* Mother General is asking us to pray for the victims of the Taal Volcanic eruptio
n in the Philippines which happened last weekend - January 12, 2020.  Sr. Lilia gives us an update.     Read more....


* Mother General is asking us to pray for  the  current situation in Australia.  Sr. Teresa Lau
gives us an update. 



* Sr. Maria Anunciata Sta. Ana, Dean of the College of Music and the Performing Arts of St. Paul University Manila, was awarded Patron of the Arts 2019 by the Archdiocese of Manila during the concert, “An Evening with the Cardinal Patron of the Arts 2019” at the Meralco Theater on December 12, 2019 by Cardinal Chito Tagle, Archbishop of Manila,  who has just been appointed Cardinal Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples.  See photos...

Rome, Generalate

* Opening of New Community in Crotone, Italy. 
A new community was opened last December 6, 2019 in the Diocese of Crotone, Southern part of Italy.
  The new community is composed of three sisters from Vietnam, from the Provinces of Danang, Saigon and Hanoi.  See photos....

* Sr. Veronica Yong, SPC
from Seoul Province, gave a two-day Advent Conference on "Christe Redemptor Omnium." This was followed by a short-concert at the Chapter Room. Sr. Veronica played the violin and Sr. Helena Nam from Daegu Province played the keyboard synthesizer.
         See photos...


Bangkok, Thailand

* Pope Francis' Visit in Thailand

When Pope Francis visited Thailand, two of his stop-overs were in St. Louis Hospital and Assumption Convent in Bangkok. These institutions  are managed by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in Thailand.
      See photos ...

Rome, Generalate

* Visitors in the Generalate:
   Bishop Miguel Angel Olaverri Arroniz, S.D.B.,
Bishop of Pointe-
   Noire (Congo-Brazzaville)

* Faculty Personnel in France together with some of our sisters,
   Sr.  Monique Francoise - Provincial Superior of France and
   Sr. Rowena,
who accompanied them came to visit the Generalate as
   part of their pilgrimage stop-over here in Rome.
   See photos and video1, video 2

Father Jonas Barbosa da Silva of Campinas, Brazil
   Fr. Jonas is the Pastor at Saint Anne of Campinas parish.  He is also  the  Rector of the Immaculate Seminary and Coordinator of the Diocesan Pastoral Vocation.


* Prayers for  Haiti

  Please read the message of Mother General.

* Rome, Generalate

The two (2) brothers of Mother General,
who are Benedictine monks assigned in South Korea and USA respectively as well as Fr. Sébastien, priest in Chartres visited the Generalate.  See photos

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Canonical Visits of Mother General and Assistants
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Danang, Vietnam
Republic of Central Africa
Daegu, South Korea
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Seoul, South Korea Part II
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Dear Sisters,

Greetings of Peace and Hope during these troubled times! 

Attached is a very timely communique from the International Union of Superior Generals (UISG) with its urgent appeal for SOLIDARITY during this time of crisis.
Although the communication is clear and purposeful, allow me to reiterate an important point which we can easily overlook especially if we feel that the danger is outside our zone.  I quote, “It is the time to follow the directives provided by the World Health Organization and our respective governments.”   Continue to read...