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International Formation Assembly of District Superiors and Local Superiors
Goodbye Sr. Jean Berchmans
Migrants' Day in Rome
Goodbye Sr. Ma. Immaculata
Goodbye Sr. Mary Maynard
Sisters welcome Hongkong Visitors
Sisters participated in the Liturgy of the Opening of Synod of Bishops in Vatican
SPC attend Consistory of New Cardinals
Snowy Generalate
Outing at Lucca
Loreto Pilgrimage
Visitors in the Generalate
Golden and Silver Jubilee Celebration of
Sr. Saint-Jean and Sr. Noella
Congratulations Sr. Veronica
Epiphany Celebration 2013
International Formation Assembly of District Superiors and Local Superiors
Installation of Sr. Wilfreda Rizane as New Superior
SPC join Taize in Rome
Daegu Children's Choir
Feedback of Mother General: Haiti and  the highlights of  the CC2010 at the newly renovated session hall. 
Praising God's creation.  The sisters in the Casa had a great day in the garden enjoying to till the soil. It was a morning  of work and fun during the holiday.
Formation of  Major Superiors
Gardening day
Sr. Sophia Kim, the new Superior in the Generalate Community was installed on October 1, 2014.  She took the place of Sr. Wilfreda Rizane who went back to the Philippines for treatment. Prior to her appointment, Sr. Sophia was the former Provincial of Seoul, South Korea and missionary to Ireland.
Appointment of New Superior in the Generalate Community
Epiphany Celebration
March for Peace
Christmas Exchange Gifts
Chrismas and New Year Celebration
Chist The KIng
Mother Marie Micheau
Marian Devotion
Other Videos
Jubilee Celebration of Sr. Madeleine, Sr. Emily Louise
and Sr. Marie-Raphael
Mission Send-off
Meet our Sisters ....
We are first of all invited to contemplate in God the mystery of infinite love--a mystery of welcome and of gift, of sharing and of unity.

Through the humble tasks of our daily life we form a community that is united in charity.
                          Fraternal Life, Road Towards Easter,
                                                                          Commentary on the Book of Life of SPC
eng-new studs wt srsophia
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Students with Sr. Sophia Kim, Superior of the Generalate Community (click photo to enlarge)
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