What is a Vocation?

A vocation is God's invitation or calling to each individual to love and serve Him and His Church in a particular state or way of life.

Each person's freedom lies in discovering his vocation and in generously responding to it.

"Life is God's Gift to us...

...what we make of it is our gift to God."

Possible Signs of a Vocation to the  Consecrated Life
Faith in and love for Christ and His Church.

The aspiration to love and serve Christ through His people.

Longing for God, inclination for prayer and service of others.

Common sense - the maturity to recognize, and the willingness to respond to a situation and  the needs of others.

Possessing a regular habit of prayer and a balanced devotional life.

Psychological readiness to pursue a sustaining, lifelong commitment.

A sense or desire to become a  consecrated religious; which may be something constant or momentary, long standing or   new.

Good moral character

Physically,  mentally and emotionally healthy

A developing spirit or detachment that helps someone be in the world but not of the world.
What To Do?
Pray... asking the Lord to show you the vocation He has prepared for you and invites  to embrace.

Listen... to God and have the courage to respond to Him freely and generously.

Recite... the rosary daily, asking Mary, the Mother of Christ and the Mother of us all, to intercede with her Son on your behalf.

Make... Eucharistic Holy Hours, placing yourself in the Real Presence of the One who calls, the One who invites.

Attend... Mass and receive Holy Communion aas often as your state in life and current responsibilities will allow.

Go... to confession frrequently and consistently.

Serve... your parish, and elsewhere, as needed and as you are able.

Talk... with a priest or consecrated rreligious about your vocation questions and concerns, seeking spiritual direction and guidance.

Contact... us so that we may be able to  assist you in any
    way we can.
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