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1. Education and Advocacy in the pursuit of:
      1.1. Total Human Development
             a.  Globalization/commodification of the human person
             b.  Dehumanizing poverty
             c.  Religious/spiritual fragmentation and loss of spiritual and moral values

      1.2.  Justice and Equity
             a.  Gender justice/violation of the rights of women at home and in the workplace
             b.  Justice for the marginalized sectors, such as : children, migrants/overseas contract workers,
                   indigenous peoples, the elderly/disabled, victims of HIV AIDS and Prohibited Drugs, etc.
             c.  Environmental Justice to include the promotion of the integrity of creation and the challenge of
                   frequent natural disasters and calamities.

       1.3.  Peace Building (education and training)
             a.  At home, in community and in society
             b.  Promotion of interfaith dialogue
             c.  Multi-cultural education to combat religious fundamentalism and mismanagement of pluralism.
New Forms of Evangelization
Sister Mary Ann Laurin
First Asst. General
Sister Mary Ann joined the Congregation on January 25, 1965, barely two years after the arrival of the Sisters of  St. Paul in Michigan, USA. She is a native daughter of Michigan, being born in the town of Carney.
After her First Profession in September 8, 1967, she completed her studies in the Northern Michigan University.

She served first as teacher, then administrator in Catholic Schools of Marquette and Menominee, Michigan . She also had responsibility for a parish without a resident priest for 3 years. Her community experiences includes being in charge of the Local Community for several years and serving on the District Council for 12 years. It was in 1997 that she was first appointed District Superior in the USA and she was re-appointed to this position twice.

Sister Mary Ann is no stranger to the life in the Generalate, having participated twice in Spiritual Renewal Programs and in four General Chapters, those of 1983, 1995, 2001 and of 2007 - where she was elected First Assistant.

In 2005 she joined the Sessions for the Formators and in 2006, she was among the Superiors who attended the International Meeting on Evangelization in Korea.

As individuals and as communities on all levels, we have a responsibility to work for the promotion of the human dignity of each person.