Mother Marie Micheau

307th  Death Anniversary
(November 15, 1702 - 2009)

On November 15 of this same year 1702, Sister Marie Micheau, daughter of Pierre Micheau and the late Marie Poirier died at the age of 19 years, after having lived with great piety in the Community of the Daughters of the School where she was Superior.  On the same day, she was buried in the Church by me, priest, the undersigned Pastor, in the presence of Anne Lerat and Catherine Sirou.

                                       L. Chauvet

In communion with our Sisters of the Congregation, today we celebrate the entry into heaven of Mother Marie Micheau the first to answer God's call through Father Louis Chauvet, our Founder.

We thank God for giving us Mother Marie Micheau who was a woman of faith, humility and charity. Filled with love for the Church, she dedicated herself to serve the poor and the first Community.
Entrance Procession on the
307th  Death Anniversary  Liturgy
of    Mother Marie Micheau
Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres
The love of Christ impel us to manifest His tenderness and love.
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