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Mother General Visits Ukraine
Mother General, Mother Ma. Goretti Lee, made an emergency visit to our Sisters in Ukraine to give them moral support during this time of crisis in Ukraine.                                
2016 - 2015  News Archive
Mission Ad Gentes:  Congo, Cambodia, Myanmar and Dubai
New missions are opened in Congo under the Generalate, Cambodia under Seoul Province, Myanmar (Burma) under Hongkong Province and Dubai under Philippine Province.

The mission in Congo is headed by Sr. Ma. Luisa Escanlar, former missionary to France and  Secretary General.  She is joined by Sr. Mauricia Hofeleña, former missionary to Central Africa and Sr. Mary Ann Cruz, former missionary to Haiti.  The Congo mission is very unique because there are already 8 aspirants from the neighboring African states waiting to start their formation in Congo as soon as the construction of the convent is finished.  In Cambodia, Sr. Scholastica Yoo and Sr. Helena Oh from Seoul Province have just started their apostolatic work in  Cambodia.  The Sisters of Hongkong have also commenced their pastoral ministry in Myanmar (old name: Burma).  A community has not been set-up yet but the sisters from Hongkong take turns to go to Myanmar to take care of the ministry.  From the Philippines, Sr. Teresita Bayona and Sr. Teresita Capurihan left for Dubai to start the Ministry of Education.  Sr. Alma Esmero and Sr. Rosalie Badelic will join them later.       
SPC Hanoi, Vietnam: Celebrates Feast of  St. Paul
SPC Hanoi of the Province of Vietnam celebrates the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. The liturgy for the opening of the Year Of Consecrated Life renews their offering of commitment  to love God through the various apostolic ministries for the people of Hanoi, Vietnam.
SPC East Timor: Bringing the Good News  Of Jesus  To The Mountaintop
The SPC Region of East Timor brings the Good News of love and hope to the top of the mountain of Turiscai, a four to five-hour ride from Dili. It takes another three to four hours walk using the mountain trail to reach the neighboring villages.  If the sisters are  lucky they can hitch ride in cargo trucks that transport food supplies to the people.  On this little Mt. Tabor, the Sisters share their food supplies, medicines and conduct mobile free clinic to the people, visit the sick in the their homes and teach catechism to the children.                     
During Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres Philippines assigned in the Nunciature felt lucky and privileged to  experience at close range, the kindness and compassion of the Holy Father.

They have several beautiful experiences with His holiness and witnessed his loving mercy and compassion to the poor and the children with disabilities.  One beautiful scenario that was very moving and they could not forget was when he allowed the mother and her child who is hydrocephalus to enter the gate of the Nunciature.  He welcomed them with a kiss and a tight embrace.   There were other similar occasions where they have witnessed and experienced his  benevolence.  Truly,  the Holy Father, showed to them by example the compassion and mercy of Jesus.
Pope Francis with the SPCs at the Nunciature
SPC Australia is a relatively young foundation.  It opened  on October 22, 1984 through the invitation of  Rev. Fr. Paschal Chang, a Franciscan father  to start a Boarding School at Moss Vale for young boys and girls intending to study in the universities of Australia.

After 31 years of life and mission in Australia, SPC in Australia had its First Profession Ceremony for 6 young sisters who are joining the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres.   Mother Maria Goretti Lee, Superior General and her Assistant, Sr. Emily Louise del Castillo had their canonical visit in Australia during this momentous event.

Today, 18 Sisters from Hong Kong and 3 student Sisters from other Provinces are missioned in the Eastern Coast of Australia: New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, bringing the Good News of Jesus to the young as well as to the elderly.     See more
SPC Australia, A Young Foundation
SPC Formators Joined International Congress for Formators
On this Year of Consecrated Life, the Congregatio pro Institutis Vitae Consecratae et Societatibus Vitae Apostolicae organized an international congress for Formators whose theme was " “Formed to Consecrated Life in the Heart of the Church and of the World”, from April 7 to 11, 2015 held here in Rome, Italy.

Out of the 418 participants coming from religious orders and congregations, who represent 106 countries, 38 Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres Formators attended the assembly.

The Formators' Congress which was organized by Vatican will be followed by SPC Formation of Formators international gathering  organized this time by SPC Superior General and Council.  There are 34 formators from all over the 5 continents attending the gathering held in the Generalate.
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International SPC Formation of Formators
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Mission Send-off  to Congo Mission
The Generalate Chapel had a mission send-off ceremony for Sr.  Mary Ann Cruz who will be sent to the new Foundation in Congo to join the other two missionaries who went there last year.  Sr. Mary Ann is a former missionary to Haiti.  Bringing her rich experiences in Haiti, she will serve the poor people in Congo. 
Mother General was able to get in touch with our  Sisters. The Sisters in Nepal are safe.  The 2 communities in Kathmandu and Pokhara   are spared from any calamity. 

The people nearby flocked to the open space outside the house of the sisters. This gives the Sisters the opportunity to help the victims in any way they can: provide food and  temporary shelter for displaced families as well as journeying with them in this time of sorrow and pain.

At the moment phone lines are down, electricity is out and roads are blocked.

We enjoin everyone to pray for our Sisters and our people in Nepal.
             read the letter of our Sisters in Nepal
Update on SPC Nepal After The Earthquake.
Korean Children’s Choir (KCC) from Daegu Province trained by Sr. Catharina Kim, SPC performed their musical songs and instruments at the Generalate Chapel and at St. Peter’s Square. The Holy Father, Pope Francis was delighted to listen to the musical instruments of the  KCC.   The children along with Sr. Catarina will also hold their concert to other countries in Europe.    See more...     Watch Concert
MAY:  Visit of Korean Children’s Choir
MAY:  International  Renewal  Program
After the International Formators’ Assembly held in April follows the Renewal Program this May.  The Renewal Program which was attended by 44 sisters from all the 5 continents of the world will culminate with a pilgrimage in France. 

During the renewal, 3 sisters, Sr. Mary Peter of Hongkong, Sr. Emilia of Martinique and Sr. Mary Ann Laurin, 1st Asst. General celebrated their Golden Jubilee.  Sr. Catharina Jeong celebrated her Silver Jubilee also.                       See more photos...

JUNE:  Celebration of the 305th Death Anniversary
SPC  Founder, Father Louis Chauvet
at the Provincial House of Sainte Marie, Hanoi
Generalate Community Activities
SPC World News Update
Council of Congregation in Rome
January 18 - February 11, 2016
320th SPC Foundation Anniversary
Visit of Msgr. Jean-Yves RIOCREUX
Bishop of Guadeloupe
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SPC Dubai:  A Mission In The Frontiers
SPC Michigan, USA  Marched for Life
The French Radio Television Committee (CFRT) featured in their TV program series the life and mission of Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres as part of their presentation for the Year of Consecrated Life. 
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SPC Featured in the French Radio Television  Committee
Management of Biodiversity For Sustainable Population
SPC Madagascar : Laudato Si
Caritas International held a meeting of the Committee on CARITAS Identity in Rome. This was participated in by selected representatives from the 6 continents where CARITAS is actively present in the world.  Sr. Rosanne Mallilin, SPC represented CARITAS Asia.
Spiritual Renewal Session - May 8 - June 14
Mission send-off liturgy for Sr. Delfina, first missionary from SPC Indonesia.  She is missioned to Central Africa.
See the complete video of her mission send-off....
Sr. Marie-Paul, New District Superior of Haiti has undergone a one-month Formation Program for Superior in the Generalate.
Visit of Bishops of Poland and Guadeloupe
Generalate Rome:
Spiritual Renewal Session: 2 Sept. - 8 Oct 2016
St. Joseph Convent of SPC Thailand had a fund-raising activity to help the smaller schools in the provinces.  
SPC Thailand:
Sr. Ma Lourdes Casas  and Juniors in Rome joined the World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland.   See more....
Sisters who are preparing for the Mission Ad Gentes in the Generalate
Generalate Rome
Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in Hanoi, Vietnam celebrates 125 years of life and mission
SPC Vietnam:
2014 News Archives
SPC Generalate community in Rome joined the Pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Saint Peter's Basilica on the eve of the closing of the Holy Door.
Fr. Jose Cecilio Magadia, SJ -  gave an Advent conference in the Generalate
Christmas celebration in the Generalate
Opening of a New Community
in the Diocese of Lausanne-GenevaFriborg
District of Switzerland
On the 12thof November 2016, the District of Switzerland opened a new community for the first time in this diocese, more precisely in the city of La Chaux-deFonds. It was also the first opening of a house in Switzerland since 1969!
East Timor Elevated to  District
The General Council has decided to elevate East Timor from Region to District.  As of December 31, 2016, East Timor has 4 local communities with 39 Professed Sisters, both perpetual and temporary; a total of 56 members including the aspirants, postulants and novices.  This is the 24th year of  presence and mission of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in East Timor.
The sisters of the temporary profession in Rome renewed their vows at the Generalate Chapel on 25 January, the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, the apostle. They renewed their vows in Tetum, Vietnamese and Cantonese..
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January:  Rome